Ever lost your tank water? 45% of people have!

Insure your tank water with WaterSaver

WaterSaver is an excellent form of protection that reduces water loss from leaks, accidents and provides peace of mind for the owner

Who can benefit from WaterSaver?

Anyone who is dependent on stored water. This includes those who cannot monitor their pumps during the day or spend extended time away from the premises.

The WaterSaver

Designed primarily for use within the domestic household and rural properties that use a pressure pump and have stored water on their property.

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"When the well is dry, we learn the worth of water"

-Benjamin Franklin


"It has worked as expected. A couple of times a tap has been left on and it has switched off the pump"

Peter and Lynda, New Plymouth

"One day the fitting to the irrigation system disconnected itself and water gushed from the tap for 5 straight hours. Not only had I lost valuable water – I had flooded my neighbour’s property. When I met Jon and saw the Watersaver product, I had no hesitation in buying one."

Noel, Nelson