Ever lost your tank water? 45% of people have!

Marlborough A&P Show, 10-11 November 2017

WaterSaver will be exhibiting at the Marlborough A&P Show, a major Top of the South community event, raising awareness about a simple and quick solution for protecting tank water and presenting an innovation to rural and urban water tank owners in the region.

"The Marlborough A&P Show is a time when town meets country; a place where excellence in all aspects of rural life is endorsed and where the exchange of ideas and exposure of new developments give encouragement and direction to those carving out a living in a changing and challenging economic climate. An opportunity to learn about new technologies and innovations for the rural and urban audience."

Show dates: 10-11 November 2017, 9.00am to 5.00pm

Show location: A&P Park, 149 Maxwell Road, Blenheim


Source: Marlborough A&P Show website


What is WaterSaver:

WaterSaver is an electronic plug-in device that prevents the loss of valuable stored water and potential damage to your property.

Easy to install, this New Zealand innovation minimises water loss in the event of an accident, like a burst or leaking pipe, a tap left on, a natural disaster such as an earthquake, or vandalism. By cutting power to the pressure pump in the event it runs for a maximum uninterrupted time, set at 30 minutes, WaterSaver saves your precious water supply and will never let your tank empty again.

A must have for every water tank owner or lifestyler, especially in rural areas where replacing a water tank can be difficult, costly and time consuming.

Watch the demo video to find out how WaterSaver works.


Looking forward to seeing you at the show! Come have a chat with founder Jon Taylor, find out if you are at risk of losing your tank water, and make sure to grab our SHOW SPECIAL!

Jon Taylor and the WaterSaver, protecting tank water