Ever lost your tank water? 45% of people have!

Northland Field Days, 1-3 March 2018

Did you know that 45% of water tank owners* have already experienced loss of tank water and/or damage to their own or neighbouring property arising from an accidental or unanticipated event? A burst pipe, leaving a tap on - it can happen to anyone. Don't be one of them!

If you own a water tank, come and see us at the Northland Field Days. We will show you what you can do to protect your precious water! Save water, money and time. All for the cost of a truckload of water. It's very simple with WaterSaver!


Event date: 1-3 March, 2018

Event location: 33 Awakino Point East Road & State Highway 14
Dargaville, Northland, New Zealand 

WaterSaver will be at the Rural Pavilion.


With WaterSaver, saving water is a real possibility for every tank owner. 

What is WaterSaver:

WaterSaver is an electronic plug-in device, a simple off-the shelf solution that the home owner can easily install without the added cost of a tradesperson. The New Zealand innovation - finalist of the Fieldays Innovation Awards -, cuts power to the pressure pump in the event it runs for a maximum uninterrupted time, set at 30 minutes, and minimises water loss. It works just like an insurance. 

Save your precious water supply, and never let your tank empty by accident.

See you at the Northland Field Days! Come and see the live demo with Founder and Innovator Jon Taylor, and grab your Show Special!

Buy your tickets here and read more: Northland Field Days.


Protect your tank water now. Order online: WaterSaver 


* Based on independent research.