Ever lost your tank water? 45% of people have!

Onetangi Beach Races, 11 February 2018


Unfortunately we will not be able to run a live demo at the Onetangi Beach Races this year to show you how WaterSaver works. However, we are happy to take online orders and answer any questions related to the product. Feel free to watch our demo video here.


"After six years of good weather mother nature, seems to have different ideas for the 2018 Onetangi Beach Races.

We have been carefully monitoring various weather sites and have decided that there is a high probability of heavy rain and strong winds. 

Winds are predicted mostly from the north east or north. which, is the most unfavourable direction for the beach.

The decision has been made to CANCEL THE 2018 ONETANGI BEACH RACES and There is NO RAIN DATE.

There has been a large amount of work behind the scene from many groups and individuals, who will obviously be disappointed.

We would like to thank anyone involved in helping with planning the event this year.


Event organisers Michelle Barber and Steve Hall

For the Rotary Club of Waiheke Island"


We are proud to announce that WaterSaver will be exhibiting at the Onetangi Beach Races, one of the biggest events on Waiheke Island. We are looking forward to raising awareness as part of our Waiheke Project to help save more tank water on the island, and a fun day out!

Come and visit our stall if you are a water tank owner, and let's contribute together to making Waiheke more sustainable as a community!

Event date: Sunday, 11 February, 2018 

Event location: 
Onetangi Beach, Waiheke Island

"A few weeks back we lost all our water as a result of the toilet getting stuck here at our office. The water flowed through our plumbing system to our septic tank; this could have been catastrophic, but we were lucky to get away with no environmental impact this time. It has raised our awareness in this area and as a result we have connected a WaterSaver to our system. This prevents accidental loss of our water from happening again, and it is so simple to install.

We will have them for sale at our office and feel they are a worth while investment for all residents who have stored water on the island."

Michael Maahs, Waiheke Resources Trust Manager


As seen in The Waiheke Gulf News

"With islanders eking out tank water supplies, entrepreneur Jon Taylor believes he might just have the perfect solution to help conserve Waiheke’s water sources." 

The drier summer season is here, and this innovation is a must have for rural and urban water tank owners, especially in areas where replacing a water tank can be difficult, costly and time consuming.  



What is WaterSaver:

WaterSaver is an electronic plug-in device that prevents the loss of valuable stored water and potential damage to your property.

Easy to install, this New Zealand innovation minimises water loss in the event of an accident, like a burst or leaking pipe, a tap left on, a natural disaster such as an earthquake, or vandalism. By cutting power to the pressure pump in the event it runs for a maximum uninterrupted time, set at 30 minutes, WaterSaver saves your precious water supply and will never let your tank empty again.


Watch the demo video to find out how WaterSaver works.

More information about the Event:

"Providing a free fun day out for the Waiheke community and raising funds for local projects and groups on Waiheke Island."

Read more about the event here.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Onetangi Beach Races! Come have a chat with founder Jon Taylor and make sure to grab our SHOW SPECIAL! 


More about the WaterSaver HERE.