Ever lost your tank water? 45% of people have!



“Have been using WaterSaver for a few weeks now and it has already saved us a couple of times… Kids and taps. Definitely worth the buy. Thanks.” 

Swantje, Tasman


"A few weeks back we lost all our water as a result of the toilet getting stuck here at our office. The water flowed through our plumbing system to our septic tank; this could have been catastrophic, but we were lucky to get away with no environmental impact this time. It has raised our awareness in this area and as a result we have connected a WaterSaver to our system. This prevents accidental loss of our water from happening again, and it is so simple to install.

We will have them for sale at our office and feel they are a worth while investment for all residents who have stored water on the island."

Michael Maahs, Waiheke Resources Trust Manager


WaterSaver available at the Waiheke Resources Trust


"Love 'WaterSaver'. We are on tank/rain water and this great little device has already saved our water supply twice. With water deliveries costing hundreds of dollars we would not want to be without WaterSaver.”

Michael, Raglan


"One day the fitting to the irrigation system disconnected itself and water gushed from the tap for 5 straight hours. Not only had I lost valuable water – we pay for our water in Nelson – I had flooded my neighbour’s property. When I met Jon and saw the WaterSaver product, I had no hesitation in buying one.”

Noel, Nelson 


“Our water went off when my daughter was in the shower. Took me 5 minutes to realise that 3 family members had been showering around the same time and the pump had run for 30 minutes uninterrupted. Sure enough the red light was flashing on the unit WaterSaver and my initial thought was “oh bugger” this will be a pain to reset, but I picked up the box and pushed the reset button and straight away the pump restarted. It was basically idiot proof, which was great!" 

Sean, Albany


“A wonderful invention! My son in law (living in Australia) would not be without it. He uses it to time watering his new lawn. They have to be careful with their water supply and this is a great help to ensure they do not run out of water.”

Joseline, Auckland


"We run a small market garden business and rely solely on our stored water to maintain our crops, any water loss would be hugely detrimental to our business. Since installing a WaterSaver we can definitely sleep easier knowing our water supply is protected.”

Adam and Pauline, Levin


“It has worked as expected. A couple of times a tap has been left on and it has switched off the pump."

Peter and Lynda, New Plymouth



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