Ever lost your tank water? 45% of people have!

The case for WaterSaver

Financial Cost

  • If financial cost is an important consideration to you, then think of WaterSaver as costing the same as a single delivery of tank water. Given the cost of WaterSaver will be spread over many years, in which time it may be called into use on any number of occasions, the WaterSaver is indeed an affordable solution for preventing water loss. Furthermore, as it is a simple plug in device, the owner does not incur the added cost of requiring a plumber or electrician to install it.

Disruption and Inconvenience

  • Until you have experienced an unforeseen loss of water, you won’t appreciate the disruption and inconvenience to your life this causes. Imagine you don't have WaterSaver and you have just lost your entire tank water due to an unforeseen event e.g. a tap being left on or a pipe bursting. You arrange to have emergency water delivered by tanker, but in the meantime, you have no safe drinking water, you cannot cook, clean, shower, brush your teeth, flush the toilet, or feed water to your pets or livestock. Why would you ever risk being caught in such a situation if it was preventable? This disruption isn't something you can easily measure in financial terms: it is about quality of life, heath and security. 

Potential for Damage to Property

  • In the event you lose your tank water due to an unforeseen event, any resulting flooding could damage your property, sometimes your neighbour’s property, and/or crops and gardens. 

Environmental Considerations

  • Most water tank owners install them due to the lack of access to the mains supply. However, our research also shows that 20% of residential owners and 30% of business owners do so “to be environmentally responsible”. Such environmentally conscious owners want to avoid unnecessary wastage or loss of water, something that WaterSaver can assure them of.


  • When speaking to owners of batches and holiday homes, we learned that it was not uncommon to arrive at their properties to find vandals had turned on their outside hose taps to run the tanks dry and/or damage their pressure pumps. 

Peace of Mind

  • We consider the most compelling reason for buying a WaterSaver device is the peace of mind it provides. One can be absent from their home or business premises for extended periods knowing their tank water will not be lost in the event of an accident.