Ever lost your tank water? 45% of people have!


What is the warranty period of WaterSaver?

A: The warranty period is 1 year, however there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

Is WaterSaver easy to set up, what skills are needed?

A: The WaterSaver unit is quick and easy to set up and does not require a tradesperson. The maximum time the pump is permitted to run uninterrupted is preset at 30 minutes, and the user merely plugs the pressure pump into the WaterSaver unit, then plugs the WaterSaver unit into the mains power, before turning both devices on.

How does WaterSaver determine the pump has run for an interrupted period?

A: The WaterSaver unit tracks the flow of power to the pump. When the pump starts working, the WaterSaver unit starts tracking the length of time it runs uninterrupted. In the event the pump runs continuously for the maximum time limit of 30 minutes, the WaterSaver unit assumes something is wrong and cuts power to the pump, preventing further loss of valuable water and potential damage to property. 

The pump must start running from a stationary state to determine the length of time running uninterrupted. Likewise, the pump must stop running to determine a period less than the maximum time. A short term interruption to the flow of water will often not result in the pump immediately stopping, as pumps often continue to run for a few seconds to build up pressure in the hose after a short stop. For example, a momentary release of a hand held sprinkler, and then turning it back on again, will most likely not register as an interrupted period i.e. the pump turning off and on, as the pump will likely continue to run for those few seconds (while pressure builds up in the hose line). The pump must stop running to register as an interrupted period.

Is WaterSaver waterproof?

A: The WaterSaver unit is designed with water protection in mind, however owing to the extreme nature of weather, and individual housing conditions, we cannot guarantee against water damage. We recommend fastening the WaterSaver unit to a wall or post above ground level.

I have never lost water or experienced property damage before, why would I want to buy WaterSaver?

A: You may be one of the lucky ones that have never experienced an accident resulting in the loss of tank water before, however your first accident may be just around the corner. Independent research shows 45% of NZ water tank owners experience accidental loss of water at some time. WaterSaver is designed to minimise water loss and potential damage to property, in the event of an unexpected accident or event. The WaterSaver unit cuts the power to the pump in the event it has run for an uninterrupted period of 30 minutes. While it may never be called upon to do so - the best case scenario - it nonetheless reduces a serious risk that water tank owners face, that of their total tank water being lost and property being damaged, as well as providing the owner with peace of mind. In the same way one carries a spare tyre in their car - without ever expecting to use it - the WaterSaver unit provides the owner with peace of mind that, in the event of accidental loss of water due to a pressure pump running when it should not be, it will minimise the loss.

Does WaterSaver work with gravity fed systems?

A: If you have a gravity fed water system, where your tank is located on a hill above the residence, then water could still run through your pump in the event of an accident, even if it is not running. We do not recommend installing WaterSaver for such pumps, however we do recommend you consider installing WaterSaver on the pump that feeds the tank (located on the hill).    

Can I change the maximum set time limit on a regular basis?

A: Not at the moment, the WaterSaver unit is an electrical device and we do not want people opening the cover or tampering with the setting; the product is not designed with this in mind. Experience has taught us that 30 minutes allows most normal day to day functionality of the water pump without the need for intervention.

Does WaterSaver work with all pumps?

A: We are confident that WaterSaver will work with all 2500W pressure pumps however, as there are many brands on the market, we can not guarantee WaterSaver will work with all of them. We recommend you test the WaterSaver unit to ensure it works properly. An easy way to do this is to put your hose into the water tank, then turn the hose on (which starts the pressure pump). After 30 minutes of continuous running the pump should stop, confirming that the WaterSaver device is working. We provide a 30 day money back guarantee to ensure customers are satisfied with the product.

What is the minimum size water tank you recommend for WaterSaver?

A: We estimate the average pressure pump puts through 40-50 litres of water per minute. Given the maximum uninterrupted time limit is set at 30 minutes, one could potentially lose up to 1,500 litres of water before power is cut to the pump by the WaterSaver unit. It would therefore be inappropriate to buy a WaterSaver unit for a small tank. 

Will WaterSaver work for a slow leak like a dripping tap?

A: With a slow leak e.g. a dripping tap the pressure pump will likely turn off and on repeatedly. As the WaterSaver unit relies on the pump running continuously (up to the 30 minute maximum time limit) before cutting power to the pump, it cannot prevent the loss of water in such circumstances, at least at this stage. 

How do I re-start the pump after WaterSaver has cut power to it?

A: On the side of the WaterSaver unit there is a red light that glows when power to the pump has been cut. Beside this light is a button which, when pushed, will re-start the power to the pump and the monitoring process.

How robust is this product in areas of poor power supply/delivery and single phase fluctuating voltage areas?

A. The WaterSaver unit assumes AC voltage is uninterrupted and therefore any voltage change from normal mains voltage such as a surge, a sag or any other interruption to the AC power - outside of our control - could result in the WaterSaver unit not operating as intended. The 30-day money back guarantee allows time for testing.

Will this product work in an off grid 240V situation e.g. PV solar/generator set up?

A. The product will work in an off grid situation i.e. using alternatives sources of power and power storage, however any voltage change or interruption - outside of our control - could result in the WaterSaver unit not operating as intended.

Can WaterSaver be battery powered?

A: Not at this stage.

Do you ship overseas?

A: To Australia yes, with other countries it depends on the destination.

Do you charge extra for rural delivery?

A: No, NZ wide shipping is $10 per unit, regardless of where you live i.e. it includes RD. If you purchase 2 or more units shipping is free.

What is the length of the power cords on the unit?

A: Each cord is approximately 1 metre.