Ever lost your tank water? 45% of people have!
Water pump controller


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Product Information

WaterSaver is an electronic device that automatically cuts power to a pressure pump when it has run for a maximum uninterrupted time, set at 30 minutes.

Such an occurrence could result from:

  • damaged equipment e.g. a burst pipe
  • faulty valve or ball cock
  • leaving a tap running
  • a natural event e.g. earthquake
  • vandalism

Independent research revealed 45% of water tank owners have experienced loss of tank water and/or damage to their own or neighbouring property arising from an accidental or unanticipated event that resulted in the pressure pump continuing to pump water unabated until the water tank emptied. Even if you are one of the lucky ones that is fortunate not to experienced water loss, there is no guaranteeing this will not happen in the future.

Unlike standard low cost off-the-shelf timers, WaterSaver is a specialised product that permits a pump to operate continuously - turning off and on as necessary - and only cuts power to the pump in the event it runs for a maximum uninterrupted time, set at 30 minutes. It is especially important for residences and businesses that do not have access to mains/town supply water.

WaterSaver is to tank water owners what a spare tyre is to car owners. WaterSaver reduces the risk of water loss and provides the owner with peace of mind. With the purchase price being spread over many years it is a very affordable solution.

The benefit to owners of water pumps and water tanks is:

(a) Accidental loss of water is minimised without the need for the owner to be present or aware.
(b) The water tank(s) need not run dry and property/crops need not suffer water damage.